Graphic Guidelines

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Ensure all files are properly named and updated in all layouts. All artwork should be provided as high resolution digital files. Generally minimum Resolution should be 100 dpi at FINAL size. 200 dpi at 50%, 400 dpi @ 25%.

More about image resolution: It is depending on the viewing distance. At 150 dpi (or up to 300 dpi), images will look good from any distance. For viewing distances of 3-5 feet, bitmap images should be at least 100 dpi at their actual final output size. Extra resolution will not be noticeable and high resolution files takes long time to send to the printer without improving noticeable quality.


Please provide a 1/2” bleed around all layouts for Tension fabric displays, as well as accurate crop marks for trimming.
For most banner stand graphics: bleed is not required, but if you like, leave 1/4" bleeds all around.


Please keep text or logos 2” clear of edges to avoid stitching, Velcro® perimeter is sewn to graphic, allowing it to be attached to frame.


Dye Sub 24” x 24” fabric proofs of your image for Tension fabric display such as Collage pop ups and Presto pop ups, are available for $120 ea. plus shipping, please allow an additional 3 days for job completion. Please provide PDF proof for each layout if sending us Adobe native files such as Illustrator.


Please provide us with PANTONE color numbers for elements that you would like matched. Pantone specifications allow us to match colors closest. Exact color matches are not always possible. When creating 4 color rich black we recommend: 60%C, 40%M, 40%Y, 100%K.


Files can be in either RGB or CMYK, but please remember that RGB color space is much more brighter on the monitor even though we print them as RGB color space. Files tend to reproduce more accurately in CMYK because printing inks are CMYK.


Supply all logos and illustrated graphics in VECTOR format whenever possible. When possible convert fonts to outlines.


Includes all fonts used in your layout. Convert fonts to outlines whenever possible.


All files should be minimum 100 dpi at final size.


Convert type to outlines. Save in Illustrator .ai format.


After file creation, package your files which will collect fonts and links. Linked Files must be at least 100 dpi resolution at full size.


Print quality PDF is preferred over Adobe native files, but we can handle all Adobe native files.